ZHEJIANG LIYUAN HEAVY INDUSTRIES TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. In July 2009, it was approved by the administrative department for industry and commerce to establish a registered capital of 198 million yuan. The company is located at No. 2900 Development Avenue, Binhai Industrial Zone, Jiaojiang District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province. Set up ingot casting factory, first forging factory, second forging factory, and supporting physical and chemical testing center and process research center.

The company started construction in 2012 and put into production in February 2015 [At the same time, Taizhou Haima Heavy Die Forging Co., Ltd. moved and merged (the company established a professional die steel forging company in 1997)]. Currently, the company has invested about 380 million fixed assets and a total investment of about 4.3 Billion.



Advanced steelmaking equipment to ensure the source quality of steel [Most of the market is still using intermediate frequency furnace steelmaking, Liyuan Heavy Industry for electric arc furnace steelmaking steel has higher purity, especially better control of hydrogen and oxygen content], super strong Forging processing capacity (Liyuan currently has 7200T, 3600T presses and 6 tons, 3 tons and other electro-hydraulic hammers to meet the forging requirements of different sizes of steel ingots), complete heat treatment facilities to meet different heat treatment needs, and ensure that the materials are uniform and small The microstructure lays a good foundation for the quality and life of the mold

Process flow

The main equipment now includes 60tEBT electric arc furnace+60tLF refining furnace+60tVOD vacuum refining furnace melting production line, 1 set of 72MN fast forging hydraulic press, 1 set of 36MN forging hydraulic press, 1 set of 3t electro-hydraulic hammer, 2 sets of 6-ton electro-hydraulic hammer Sets, 9 sets of regenerative natural gas heating furnaces, 4 sets of annealing furnaces, 22 sets of quenched and tempered heat treatment furnaces, 38 sets of sawing machines, 15 sets of large-scale processing milling machines, and 26 sets of large-scale machining centers. It has built a high-tech special steel industrial chain from raw materials-smelting-refining-forging-heat treatment-finishing-physical and chemical testing.